Chapter 2: Praying With Confidence When You Feel Unworthy

06 Oct

Psalm 115:1 “Not to us O LORD, not to us but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness.” (NET Bible)

Main Idea

When we feel unworthy, not confident, and admittedly needy, we can know God’s love and faithfulness and trust Him fully.


In coming before God when we have had a bad day, or feel unworthy or needy, we need to know that we can come with confidence despite our feelings. This is admittedly hard to do on some days. But if we come humbly, acknowledge what we lack, and lay down (sometimes physically) our needs through prayer in His name, God is there with us, desiring to listen and work through our circumstances. As the saying goes, “Let go and let God.”

Thrasher states that the concept of “name” in scripture refers to one’s character, reputation, or authority. Saying “in His name” is no mere incantation, as if we could control God’s response to our want. Instead, praying in God’s name means confidently relying on His character, His reputation, and His authority.

Too often we take our challenges on our own shoulders and do not give them over to the Lord.  This is taking on too much in our own power and strength. When we pray genuinely in His name, we call on the character and reputation of our Lord. We honor who He is and the work He can do in our souls and circumstances. This ultimately gives God the glory and should be our bottom line for every action and thought. As Thrasher said, “When a sheep ends up in the right place, discerning people do not praise the sheep but rather the loving and caring Shepherd.”  It is not about us—but how we come to Him and let Him work. We can do this by confidently praying in His name.

We enjoy the “awesome privilege of living for God’s name!” We should pray in such a way that to “draw attention to Him—even in the routine of the life”—what I like to call the “dailies” of life. We need to call on His name and trust Him.  When we do this it truly brings Him glory and avoid the appearance of being accomplished in our own names. John the Baptist said in John 3:30 “He must become greater and I must become less” (NIV).


What do you need to let go of to truly trust and “lay yourself and your circumstances in His good and loving hands?” What is it in your life that needs to change? What have you not let go of in even the smallest way to come before Him with complete confidence?

Let us know your thoughts. And don’t forget to journal!

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One response to “Chapter 2: Praying With Confidence When You Feel Unworthy

  1. Bobbie Keith

    October 7, 2012 at 1:00 am

    Thank you, Laurie. Loved your recap of the chapter. Wonderful reminder that to pray in HIs name is to call upon His power, His reputation and His work.


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