Chapter 4: Turning Your Temptations into Victorious Prayer

20 Oct

Romans 12:21 ” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (NET Bible)

Main Idea

We can “turn back” a personal temptation by using it as a springboard for prayer for ourselves and others.

My Story

In this season, I find myself tempted to anxiety over the safety and well-being (physical, emotional, and spiritual) of my two college daughters. I am often distracted to tears and outright panic. I have already been using these times to pray and recommit my girls to God and to remember His promises from His word. “When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul” (Psalm 94:19, NASB)  I have a small Facebook group of several moms, who also have college freshmen and their own anxieties for their children. When the anxiety comes, I am now praying not only for my girls and myself, but for my friends as well.


What are your temptations? How can you use this temptation as an opportunity to minister to yourself and others?


Beware the second temptation! Satan might remove our first temptation because we are using that temptation to pray and turning it around for good. Hopefully, we can then avoid the second temptation to stop praying.

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One response to “Chapter 4: Turning Your Temptations into Victorious Prayer

  1. Bobbie Keith

    October 20, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    Thank you, Carol, for words from the heart. I am in the middle of reading chapter 4 right now and just took a quick break. Appreciate how your temptation led you to pray not only for yourself but for others. Oh, and that second temptation…not to pray. Excellent reminder.


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